In today’s technologically advanced society, internet security and privacy are major problems. Your online appearance is strongly prioritized by TOTALVPN. Your internet connection is encrypted, which protects your data from prying eyes like government spying and cybercriminals. In a time of government censorship and cyberattacks, TOTALVPN offers a protection for enjoying online gaming, seamless streaming, and torrenting.


TOTALVPN guarantees swift and reliable speeds. For a seamless online experience, speed is essential, and TOTALVPN’s network is built to minimize any performance impact. It accelerates internet speeds using cutting-edge technology, enabling you to view and stream information in high quality without restrictions. By doing this, you can prevent your ISP from using your connection to censor or ban information.


The TOTALVPN network of servers spans several different nations. Users benefit from excellent speed and limitless bandwidth thanks to thousands of servers located across the world. This broad server coverage ensures a dependable and steady connection, even in areas where internet access is constrained or manipulated. To accommodate all your devices, TOTALVPN goes above and above by allowing users to connect to six devices at once under a single account.

User Experience

All platforms, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, are user-friendly with TOTALVPN. Both new and seasoned VPN users can easily choose a server thanks to the Quick Connect feature. To improve the online experience, the business now offers Firefox and Chrome browser extensions. Whether you use Android or iOS, TOTALVPN’s mobile apps guarantee a seamless transfer to mobile. These apps offer flexibility and simplicity of use while maintaining security.


A trustworthy and well-known VPN service, TOTALVPN places a high priority on user security and privacy. It guarantees quick and constant speeds with limitless bandwidth thanks to a strong server network. TOTALVPN simplifies the user experience across all platforms, making it accessible to all users. In an era where online security is paramount, TOTALVPN provides the protection needed to stay safe on the internet, ensuring you can enjoy the online world without compromise.

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