Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Do you have a question about VPN? How it works? We can answer these and many other questions quickly and easily. Just browse through this FAQ page and see what you can find. If the question you have is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll respond as soon as we are able.


VPNs and How They Work


A VPN is an incredibly useful tool that does all the hard work for you. All decent providers offer an easy-to-use interface for their tools so you can simply hit connect and let the rest take care of itself. By connecting to a VPN’s private server, your ISP traffic is first routed through here, making it seem like your location is the same as that very server. Though your browser assumes your in this different country, it has no idea where you’re actually based here which makes it virtually impossible for your activity to be tracked.

How to Change Your Location


Changing your location with a VPN is the easiest part of using one. It differs from each provider but the method is always pretty much the same. Just highlight the server you want to connect to and let the VPN do the rest. Whether it’s to catch up with sports, news, or other forms of entertainment, changing your location is as easy as picking one of the servers that are based there.

What Else Can VPNs Do?


Provide Anonymity: Since no one can locate you, not ISPs, governments, hackers, or browsers, you have the added benefit of being entirely anonymous. That means all your browsing is your own business and doesn’t get tracked by anyone. Just be careful, though, that when you’re picking a VPN, it doesn’t log user data and has a firm zero-logging policy in place, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Keep You Protected
: VPNs need to be watertight in order to be worthwhile. That’s why they come with enhanced security protocols to ensure that hackers and ISPs are unable to locate you or monitor your activity. 256-bit military-grade encryption, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, and an automatic kill switch are just some of the important features that ensure you’re always protected when browsing online.

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